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Hey Lovelies,

Welcome to the Fare Thee Well blog! 


FTW may or may not be a protest to those scroll-for-days-to get-to-the-recipe blogs. You won’t find that here! Food will always be the star of the show, I PROMISE! 


Plus, I assure you food shaming & health buzzwords like ‘superfoods’ aren’t a thing around here. All foods (and all of you) are welcome in these parts.


Fare Thee Well originally started as an outlet to showcase my love of food after my Lupus diagnosis. My diagnosis forced me to reimagine my relationship with food. Proper nourishment has played a pivotal role in my disease management. This is a place for us to come together, share a meal (or two) at the virtual table and talk about all things food, fashion and wellness - because for me, they’re all connected. When you feel good, you look good and show up as the best version of yourself - GLOWING!

Chef Jill of Fare Thee Well

Though I grew up in a small Ontario town, It was an internship on a completely off-grid farm near Ottawa, Ontario during culinary school, where I truly learned what it takes to grow, sustain & harvest nourishing food. You’ll hear me talk endlessly about seasonal, ethically raised and locally-grown ingredients, this is where I draw all the inspiration for my dishes. 

My solo move to “the big city” when I was 17 is when my love for fashion reared its fabulous head! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll definitely see me showing off my latest haul from my favorite designer consignment store or sporting a new piece from a local designer, LOVE! But don’t let my fashion obsession fool y’all,  your girl can kick-it in cowboy boots and take you for the ride of your life on the back of a 4-wheeler!  Food and fashion are similar. Both should be adjusted based on the occasion, season, activity and the company you’re keeping ;) 


To say food is in my blood would be a bit of an understatement. My grandparents owned multiple food based businesses, which my Dad, Aunts & uncle all worked. And I'm not the only grandchild that went on to a career in culinary, my cousin is a very talented pastry chef! Between the two of us you could say we’ve got the kitchen covered ;). Despite the family ties to the kitchen, ‘Chef’ wasn't my first career. Prior to culinary school, I was a social worker working with vulnerable populations.  But leaving the social work profession didn't put an end to my charity efforts. Giving back to the community is very important to me. You’ll find me volunteering with organizations such as Gilda’s Club of Greater Toronto, assisting with local initiatives, and spreading the word to champion social causes. 

My aim with FTW is to have you falling in love with your food over-and-over again. With the help of my expert tips, tricks & hacks we’ll bring out your inner 5-star chef! Your loved ones will be begging for seconds before they have even finished their first plate! 


I love engaging with my community so don’t be shy! Pop over to the ‘recipe suggestion/question box’ and hit me up with any questions, suggestions or just say hi! I would love to hear from you!

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Chef Jill
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