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7 things you need to eat in PEI & Nova Scotia

If you’re dreaming of a culinary adventure, we NEED to talk about the East Coast of Canada (A.K.A Atlantic Canada), where the seafood is fresh, the flavours are flavouring, and the dishes are deep sea delicious👌. PEI (Prince Edward Island) and Nova Scotia are your next must-visit destinations. These seven mouth-watering delights you absolutely need to devour in this charming part of the world. And guess what? We’re going to explore all of them in my upcoming East Coast Foodie Retreat! 🌊🍴

1. Lobster Roll

The king of East Coast cuisine: the Lobster Roll. Picture this – succulent, sweet lobster meat, lightly tossed in a touch of mayo, and nestled into a perfectly toasted, buttery roll. It's simplicity at its finest. UGHH I'm literally salivating typing this lol.

A feud as old as time.. Does an authentic lobster roll have mayo, or nah? Every islander has their opinion.

You’ll find these beauties all over PEI, each one promising a bite of heaven. If you haven't had a lobster roll here, have you even lived!? This hot spot has been touted the best on PEI!

PEI lobster roll in a paper tray
Image Credit: Alexander Grey /Unsplash

2. Garlic Fingers

I'm a garlic GUUURL👌So you can be damn sure I will be chowing down on some garlic fingers on the island in October. Okay, so essentially they're pizza dough slathered in garlic butter, topped with mozzarella, then baked to golden perfection. Cut into strips and served with a side of donair sauce (a sweet, garlicky concoction), these are Nova Scotia's answer to cheesy bread sticks. They're the ultimate comfort food and an absolute must-try. If there is bread, garlic, and cheese I am IN!

3. Blueberry Grunt

I'm forever craving something sweet, so I can't wait to get my hands on some Blueberry Grunt. I was disappointed to hear that Blueberry Grunt gets it's quirky name from the “grunt” sound the blueberries make as they bubble and cook under a layer of sweet dumplings. Because I 100% thought it was because of the sounds ppl make when they are eating it because it's so good. Typically served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it’s like a hug from grandma in dessert form.

4. Oysters

I will literally devour 2 dozen oysters in 1 sitting if you let me. The East Coast is an oyster lovers pot of gold! The cold, clean waters of PEI and Nova Scotia produce some of the best oysters in the world. Whether you like them raw, baked, or grilled, these briny beauties are a testament to the region’s pristine marine environment. Slurp away my friend, slurp away!

a tray of fresh oysters with a view of the beach in the background
Image Credit: Tommaso Cantelli /Unsplash

5. Nova Scotia Hodge Podge

Ya'll know I'm all about eating local and Nova Scotia Hodge Podge is a celebration of fresh, local vegetables—think new potatoes, beans, carrots, and peas—all simmered in a creamy, buttery sauce. It’s the perfect comfort food that showcases the region’s bountiful harvest. Interestingly, even though it's a soup, it's usually served in the height of summer produce season.

6. Donair

I can see it now.. after a night of live music on the town, a donair is going to 👏 hit 👏the 👏spot. This Halifax specialty is not your average kebab. Think spiced beef wrapped in a warm pita, topped with tomatoes, onions, and a sweet garlicky sauce that’ll have you licking your fingers. It’s messy, it’s indulgent, and it’s a rite of passage for anyone visiting Nova Scotia.

7. Fish and Chips

Last but certainly not least, we can’t forget Fish and Chips. Fresh Atlantic cod, battered and fried to crispy perfection, served with a heap of fries. A squeeze of lemon and a dunk into some tartar sauce, and you’ve got yourself a classic dish that’s as comforting as it is delish! And with any luck, the cod will have been caught that day! 😍

Bonus: Nova Scotia Wineries

While you're feasting on these incredible eats, don’t forget to wash it all down with a glass of wine from one of Nova Scotia's fabulous wineries. The region is renowned for its crisp, refreshing whites and delicate rosés. Take a tour, enjoy a tasting, and discover the hidden gems of East Coast viticulture.

Now, here’s the kicker. You can experience all these culinary wonders and more this October at my upcoming east coast foodie retreat: Feast in the East! We’ll be indulging in all of these delicacies, exploring local landmarks, and even visiting three iconic wineries in Nova Scotia. Plus, we’ll cap it all off with a lavish 6-course meal at The Inn at the Bay of Fortune, helmed by none other than celebrity Chef Michael Smith. It’s going to be a trip to remember!

No one to travel with? No problem! This is a group trip, so you'll be hanging with other like minded foodies!

Now that we've got the food covered, check out this travel guide for highlights & tips for travelling Atlantic Canada.

What are you waiting for? Grab your fork, bring your appetite, and join us for an unforgettable culinary adventure through PEI and Nova Scotia. Your taste buds will thank you!

See you on the east coast!

Chef Jill xo



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